"The lessons of history at all, and the history of culture privetly, mean something only if they are in people’s soul.

People keep in their memory only what they need to survive. And first of all it is world of culture".

Nursultan Nazarbaev


Jania Aubakirova:

It is difficult to find more whimsical part of a society, rather than culture workers. All at them serves as an occasion for criticism: that does not suffice them of means for an embodiment of great plans, public pays them a cold inattention, they do not have conditions for transfer of unique experience, and that at theatre or a concert hall light does not burn and walls have peeled off. A pose expecting the help of "not recognized geniuses" at them always on call and where throw, all of them are debtors - both a society, and public, and authorities. It would seem, exceptions extremely few, both it is rare where and it is rare when the cultural community is ready to expression of gratitude, satisfaction and friendly attachment, especially if as their object the authority acts, and the artist by definition, always and everywhere is to it in opposition.

And who could think, that in modern Kazakhstan at writers, actors and other masters of culture there has come an epoch of "the minimal claims". They are disarmed and excited by stream which has suddenly fallen on them like blessings, and let this stream doesn’t irrigate all and everyone, but even the most exacting and critically adjusted are ready to recognize - in Kazakhstan without loud applications and declarations the real cultural revolution is made. Revolution original, for a long time desirable and as it is difficult to believe in it, a cultural revolution inspired and directed by a hand of President Nursultan Nazarbaeva. Suddenly correct words which say everyone and always, find flesh and the validity, suddenly indisputable ideas which sound always and from everywhere, really become reality, and even a word-combination known all over the world written one word "starvingartist" in modern Kazakhstan already is not written like that. The authority stretches a hand to culture, the authority patronizes artists, the authority has passed from cultural to attitudes of original respect and a recognition. And all because the leader of the nation, perhaps, unique on all post Soviet space, has seen in culture all what it as a matter of fact is: national memory, national pride and the national future.

Culture is people, those whimsical artists, from which so simply to wave away. However Nursultan Nazarbaev speaks and operates differently, declaring: "Always on a head above that people which appreciates art and cherishs talents". Great declaration! And it, to our surprise, is embodied during a life. Around grow and every possible funds of support, the program of development, various initiatives for the help to talents are multiplied. It is necessary to be absolutely lazy and not trusting in itself, that young and gifted musician in modern Kazakhstan to not find any grant, the lumpsum help and the program of assistance to beginning geniuses. Where further, if every year 3000 young kazakhstan citizens go due to the state resources to conquer the world and to study in the best educational institutions. Many will be surprised, but they are really most talanted of our children, not sonnies and daughters of "the necessary people". Where still it is possible to find similar generosity and foresight? Unless at the Chineses year after year sending their gifted youth abroad and ready to what will return far not all of them… And maybe successes of China are so impressing, cause that this plan works as is conceived, confirming a main role of "the human factor" in a life of any people?

The Culture plays the first role in what the others think of us. Culture is - our image which always can be transformed into contracts, joint projects, investments, and trust and mutual understanding. Our president one of the few among the CIS countries understood, that ideas of us are however important and “material", and has began to invest actively a national resource in image of the country, in its culture representing us for others. Nursultan Nazarbaev speaks: "The President personally is responsible for that its nation has not disappeared the nearest 100-200 years as it was with many turkis of Altai this century and as a maximum, grown up and has taken worthy its histories place in world family of other nations. The problem consists in managing "to enter" a huge body of national culture on the next abrupt bend in a cloth of history. Culture - shape of the nation, life of its spirit and intelligence". Who we are and what we are in family of nations is our culture. That is why, not regretting means, with assistance of the President tours of greater collectives abroad, and among them concerts of a symphonic orchestra of (100 person are organized!) our conservatory in England, Italy, Germany. Everywhere - tremendous success, enthusiasm, enthusiastic press. These communications develop into joint conferences, concert projects, the master-classes where we on equal cooperate with the recognized European leaders in musical business.

Thus huge curiosity causes national musical art of Kazakhstan: everyone wishes "to touch" it literally, to learn "on taste". It is fine, what we play the European classics, but what in us is unique, unrepetable, and only? As President Nursultan Nazarbaev speaks: "The main maintenance of cultural identification, and the further, the more, will be connected with destenies ours the general Native land - Kazakhstan with its unique history, and the cultural landscape, which is not reduced in the pure state neither to east nor to western cultural models. Much from secret pictures of ancient history, from a treasury of cultural-historical memory of our talented and skilful people is presented in our songs and kyuis, legends and thoughts". Never before our music caused such support of the state, never earlier we had an opportunity to show to the world fruits of our musical fantasy. Today the Kazakh national art, and not only musical, experiences true boom, revival. And how can be differently if for the first time in history we realize ourselves as the nation and the country? The president as the leader of the young country, perhaps, is even sharper rather than each of us, feels necessity of national identity, national self-determination, and this process is made now, today, before our eyes. One of signs on this process undoubtedly is blossoming of national art.

I should tell about my own destiny, about constant respect and support which I meet both from the President and from other structures of authority, and from our citizens. Thinking of the reasons of such extreme attention which I, certainly, would not have in other country, you come to an idea that the point is in our national respect for people of art. Who was the first hero of nomadic people of Kazakhstan to whom recollected to whom lasted both in grief and in pleasure? Certainly, to the singer, the storyteller, to the poet, to dombra player, to the one who a word and a sound expressed soul of people and he became close to all and everyone. European people have lost this direct generality with the actors, for them they are more likely media persons looking from covers of magazines, perhaps; in Kazakhstan people of culture are native children of the nation, members of the big national family. Whether not so and today, through centuries and generations are perceived our legendary Dzhambul and ? And each art worker bears on itself a part of this family community and responsibility in front of all people who trust us. It is fine, that the President personifying people of Kazakhstan, treats us as also the policy expresses this attitude ennobling us.

The culture of our country, its spiritual support, and itself requires in sensable base, and in this role its infrastructure acts: system of establishments of culture - theatres, educational institutions, libraries, museums. Also it is desirable modern, equipped for all necessary. The technics of XXI century has brought to us new needs; today already it is impossible to present a conservatory not only without fist-class instruments, but also without perfect soundrecording system, without concert hall with great acoustics and conditioning system, without conference hall with projecting machines, without computers and internet, without good restaurant. It is necessary not only to ourselves, but also to our foreign visitors who without it would not apprehend us as equal in rights partners. And today we have all this, including conservatoire radio "Classics" which will broadcast to all Kazakhstan. Last years instead of habitual official indifference even more often you hear in different instances: "What can we make for you? How to help you?" What has suddenly happened, what has forced the people who before have been not interested in culture, to this pleasant change? I believe, it is a policy of the President who absolutely sincerely and with conviction speaks: "The person of a society is defined by its attitude to creative people. We shall support our outstanding writers, musicians, actors, artists not in the single order, but on a constant basis. We shall find means for support of all largest theatres and libraries of the country. We shall open new theatres and museums during this uneasy time. It is our contribution to the future". Such approach in something reminds the first years of the Soviet authority, when there was no bread, but the Big Theathre was working, poetric word was heard, performances were played at Vahtangov, Stanislavkiy, Meyerhold… And though now it is enough bread, the authority has a true understanding of priorities: in fact it appears, the consciousness defines life, instead of life - consciousness and consequently bread spiritual defines competitiveness of the nation and its opportunity to approve in the world. Whether has confirmed this truth the experience of the Soviet state? That is why Kazakhstan allocates means for various festivals, statements, concerts, caring of that plans were embodied and cultural projects became reality. As though explaining so sensitive attitude to culture and its needs, the president speaks: "Around of that we designate concept "culture", the most thin substances without which existence of the person is impossible are concentrated".

Everything, that is done today in our culture, got by spirit of eurasianity which we by the right are proud. Eurasianity is not a fashionable word, but the essence of our way of life and principles, and our culture too. Nomadic people are those who connects near and far who serves as the bridge, communication and way of contacts for the most different cultures and civilizations. "The spirit of an openness and cooperation – a part of tradition of our people, - is reminded by President Nursultan Nazarbaev. – From time immemorial Kazakhstan was the ground of meetings and the neighbourhoods of various customs and cultures". Such understanding of the country and its people guarantees against the greatest harms of the present, from intolerance, nationalism and xenofoby. It is joyful to hear, that the culture of Kazakhstan as culture of many nations blossoms; it is pleasant to know, that to all nations opportunities of cultural development and self-expression are guaranteed in Kazakhstan, that we are protected from hatred and violence by our traditions of nomadic culture, traditions which so naturally and steadily are developed by the President.

We are opened for cultural dialogue, for commonwealth and cooperation. It is unique, that it would be desirable to wish ourselves is to be active, initiative, desire and skill to work. "Create, invent, try ", - as the poet spoke. We yet have not quite got rid of the Soviet psychology of expectation of the blessings and "the stretched hand"; as it would be desirable, that we answered each step of authority our two own steps. In fact we and authority go towards each other for an overall aim, for spiritual prosperity of our people. The authority gives us a material basis, the rest depends on us. If we will reach in this interaction the necessary balance, not far off almost "Golden Age". Whether the President when speaks dreams of it: "Only when material riches and riches spiritual will come to mutual harmony, it is possible to construct such society to which all mankind aspires".

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