Concert in Saint-Lui Church





Bach-Busoni. Choral prelude F moll
L. Beethoven. Sonata 6 op.W, F dur
F. Schubert. Impromptu op.90, Ges dur
F. Schubert. Impromptu op.90, As dur
F. Lizst. Years of wandering. Betrothal E dur
F. Lizst. Transcendental etude 70, F moll
P. Tchaikowsky. The seasons. MAY. White nights
P. Tchaikovsky. The seasons. OCTOBER. Autumn song
P. Tchaikovsky. The seasons. DECEMBER. Christmas-tide
Scryabin. Etude 8, op.8, Ges moll
Scryabin. Etude 72, op.8, Des moll
S. Rachmaninoff. Etude-picture 5, op.39, Es moll
S. Rachmaninoff. Prcludeop.32 Ges moll
S. Rachmaninoff. Preludeop.23 dur
N. Mendygaliyev. Poem about dombra
F. Chopin. Waltz E moll

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