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The concert started with a minute of silence

On April 27th 2010 rector of Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory, people’s artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhaniya Aubakirova has given a wonderful concert in the Royal Wilanow Summer Palace in Warsaw. The concert was organized by the Kazakh Embassy in Poland as a part of the International Year of Cultures friendship. This year is celebrated by the United Nations thanks to the initiative of the Republic of Kazakhstan. (Press Service of the MIA of RK)

This cultural event was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of an outstanding polish pianist and composer Frederic Chopin, who was born in Warsaw. Today his birthday is celebrated around the world.

The concert started with a minute of silence, commemorating president of Poland Lech Kaczynsky, his wife Maria and other distinguished polish politicians who have tragically died in the air crash near Smolensk.

The pianist included classical pieces by Frederic Chopin and Sergey Prokofiev into her Warsaw repertoire. Zhaniya Aubakirova has captivated hearts of the audience with her virtuoso performance and sincere musical inspiration.

Prominent Polish politics, parliament speakers, social activists, representatives of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in Warsaw, representatives of the diplomatic corpse came to enjoy the music by Frederic Chopin performed by the Kazakhstani pianist.

The deputy of the Polish Senate, Bogdan Borusevich has pointed out that “performing these immortal musical pieces by Chopin by the Kazakh pianist brings closer both cultures that are united with strong cultural, historical and humanitarian bonds”.

The provost of the Fryderic Chopin University of Music, Yagna Dankowska commented on Zhaniya Aubakirova’s performance, noticing her “incredible performance of the masterpieces of classical music”. She says that Zhaniya Aubakirova brought new approaches to the performance of European classical music, showing high level of expression and a very interesting technique of performing complex musical pieces, having Polish audience discover Kazakh school of performing the piano