Kazakhstan celebrates 26th Independence Anniversary
Jania Aubakirova gives concert in Brussels
Kurmangazy Conservatory SO / Mangou, Barbican, London

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The pianist was Jania Aubakirova, a Kazakh graduate of Moscow State Conservatory... delivered a formidable performance. You could hear the wind over the Steppes in her opening melody, and for the next 50 minutes she did justice to Rachmaninov's towering edifices of sound.

Symphony Orchestra of Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory

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Kazakhstan's National Youth Symphony and the traditional music ensemble “Turan” take the stage at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and concert halls in Los Angeles, Boston, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Program features a world premiere work for Turan as soloists with orchestra by award-winning contemporary Kazakh composer Aktoty Raimkulova.

An artist is born only when he overcomes himself, sets the goal and reaches it

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Zhaniya Aubakirova is not just a virtuoso pianist. She is also actively engaged in social life both at home, and internationally.

Spaßmacher aus Kasachstan im Konzerthaus

Als Renner des Abends erwies sich überraschenderweise das kürzeste und frischeste Stück, eingekeilt zwischen zwei voluminösen Meisterwerken: dem 2. Klavierkonzert von Brahms und Strawinskys "Sacre". Aktoty Raimkulova hatte es ihren jungen Landsleuten vom Nationalkonservatorium Almaty in Kasachstan mitgegeben, es in Berlin im Rahmen des young.euro.classic-Festivals zur Uraufführung zu bringen...

[Interview] Reflections about music

For today Zhaniya Aubakirova is the brightest musician-performer of classical music in Central Asia. The pianist organically combines concert activity with active public life not only in her home country, but also on the international arena.

Celebrating Moscow’s 850th anniversary

Celebrating Moscow’s 850th anniversary
Moscow is 850 years old. It is impossible to realize to the full extent this fact about one of the biggest megalopolises of our planet. My heart tells me that the immense and unconditional love to Moscow and to its citizens comes from a strong feeling of unity, sharing of the blessed atmosphere of the city, calm confidence that the city is meant to be the place of cultural, spiritual, moral and social life.

Music for driving to the Airport

As it often happens in our life, I was running terribly late for my flight. The running around of all the packing, traffic on the roads, tension in the atmosphere, and the spring sun shining too bright… All this got up to the boiling point, and it seemed to me that any minute something will explode somewhere. All of a sudden, through the tiring noise of the streets I could hear a fine silent sound of the drums, and in a few seconds – sound of clarinet, marking the beginning of Ravel’s "Bolero."

The concert started with a minute of silence

On April 27th 2010 rector of Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory, people’s artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhaniya Aubakirova has given a wonderful concert in the Royal Wilanow Summer Palace in Warsaw. The concert was organized by the Kazakh Embassy in Poland as a part of the International Year of Cultures friendship. This year is celebrated by the United Nations thanks to the initiative of the Republic of Kazakhstan.