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Duet - Jania Aubakirova, piano

About the project
It was the first international musical project in Kazakhstan connected not only with a concert, but also with manufacture of film with participation of an international film crew (operators from Moscow and Hungary, montages from France, sponsors - Kazakhstan, Russian, American and British companies). Probably, it is unique in Kazakhstan documentary film about the musicians created at a level art, because the famous film director of game films supervised by the project. It is important, that the foreign success of the musicians has given an occasion to feel so necessary for Kazakhstan citizens feeling of pride, patriotism.

About Мarat Bisengaliev
Marat has got a mighty natural force and free possession of the tool. And at the same time - unusual ease and flexibility, which attract! He does not have any pose any coquetry, something thought up, vain. He should not pretend, he is natural, confident. He is always concentrated, and when he merges with a violin, it is visible, as the musician can like the tool.

About Barbican Hаll
Hall with modern architecture, with faultless acoustics convenient artistic and rooms for rehearsals most experienced and affable public. The musicians name it the most important, prestigious and responsible hall of classical music.

About English Chamber Orchestra
Feature of our joint project was that the orchestra played without the conductor and the double concert of Mendelson for the violinist and pianist was executed. The conductors for an orchestra were we - soloists, - and, certainly, leader of an orchestra.

About a choice of a double concert of Mendelssohn
The reference to Mendelssohn is in something need overstep the bounds of training techniques of the Moscow conservatory, which require to play only most complex, deep, great music. (However, actually these traditions are so deep, that you all the same want and will aspire to play only difficult products, because they as inaccessible tops, to which aspire all life). It is rare experience to play a double concert, when two soloists participate, when the pleasure from chamber music to pleasure of solo concert performance are joint.